Late Withdrawal From Courses

Petitioning for Late Course Withdrawal After the Withdrawal Deadline

Students who are facing significant mitigating circumstances and who have missed the withdrawal deadline may submit a Petition for Withdrawal After the Official Withdrawal Deadline to be considered for late withdrawal from courses.  

Late Withdrawal petitions are considered only in cases where continued enrollment in the course would be detrimental to the student's health or if extenuating circumstances prevent the student's continued enrollment. Regardless of circumstances, late withdrawal petitions are not guaranteed to be approved. Due to the uniqueness of each petition, processing time can vary from student to student's case. 

Please be aware that College of Charleston employees, other than designated confidential resources, are expected to report information they receive about prohibited discrimination, including sexual harassment and sexual violence. This means that if you tell us about a situation involving sexual harassment or violence, or other form of discrimination or harassment, we have to share the information with the College’s Title IX Coordinator.

Students may speak to someone confidentially by contacting the Office of Victim Services at 843-953-2273, Counseling and Substance Abuse Services at 843-953-5640, or Student Health Services at 843-953-5520. 

The CAPP Office has created the video below to explain Late withdrawal Petitions.


The following are examples of conditions/situations for which withdrawals may be APPROVED. 

Late withdrawal petitions are not guaranteed to be approved, but petitions documenting one or more of the following conditions/situations may be considered.

  • Severe accident, injury, illness, or surgery with prolonged recovery
  • Severe complications resulting from a chronic medical or mental health condition
  • New diagnosis of a life-threatening illness
  • Documented severe medical condition(s) resulting in extended missed coursework
  • Complications of pregnancy requiring mandatory extended bed rest
  • Severe illness or death of a parent, sibling, spouse, or child
  • Documented medical, legal, or other complications from sexual or other violent assault
  • Documented employment conflict arising after the "W" deadline
The following examples are NOT considered extenuating circumstances justifying late course withdrawal.

Petitions citing the following situations will not be considered.

  • Actual failing, fear of failing, or fear of receiving a grade less than one would desire
  • Professor’s refusal to issue an “incomplete” or excuse excessive absences
  • Initially enrolling for greater than 12 semester hours while knowingly employed full time or attempting to work two full-time jobs
  • Failure to take advantage of the withdrawal period
  • Failure to withdraw properly
  • Failure to resolve registration holds that may prevent you from withdrawing during the withdrawal period
  • A decision to change a major, drop a major or minor, or transfer to another institution, thus eliminating the need for a course


An approved late withdrawal decision is final. More detailed information about course withdrawals can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Please read before Submitting: Important Information about Late Withdrawal Petitions

Click here for Late Withdrawal Petition Forms & Instructions


These policies apply to Undergraduate Students only. Graduate students should contact the Graduate School for more information.