Withdrawing From Courses

Information about withdrawals before and after the deadline

Before the withdrawal deadline

Students planning to withdraw themselves from class(es) may do so on the web via MyPortal up until the withdrawal deadline. Please click here for directions on how to withdraw from classes. The deadline by which students may withdraw themselves from classes is available on the Registrar’s official academic calendar. Information about possible tuition refunds associated with date of withdrawal are available via the Office of the Treasurer.

Students should make sure to resolve any registration holds on their records prior to the last day to withdraw. Students will receive an email notification when they withdraw from a course. Students who withdraw themselves online via MyPortal should check their record and check for the email notification to ensure that they withdrew correctly.  Neither failure to resolve registration holds nor failure to withdraw correctly are considered a justification for late withdrawal after the withdrawal deadline.


Withdrawal checklist

Are you thinking about withdrawing from all your classes before the deadline? Or have you been approved for late withdrawal before the semester has ended? Be sure to address any of the following that may be applicable to you:

  • Reach out to your professor of the courses you are thinking about withdrawing from to discuss options
  • Talk with Financial Aid office to make sure you understand the impact of withdrawing on your financial aid or scholarship eligibility
  • Talk to the Office of the Treasurer if you have questions about the tuition refund policy.
  • If you live on campus, contact Campus Housing to request a housing cancellation and/or move-out.
  • If you live on campus, contact Mail Services to check out of your mailbox and discuss a forwarding address.
  • If you have a parking permit, contact Campus Services HQ to arrange the return and cancellation of your permit, and a prorated refund.
  • Contact Campus Services HQ to arrange for any refunds for Cougar Cash and Dining Dollars balances per the Terms and Conditions for Meal Plans
  • Consider meeting with your Academic Advisor or CAPP staff to discuss your options and your plan for returning to the College in a future semester.
  • If you are planning on extended time away from the College:
    • Submit a request for a Leave of Absence for up to two semesters if you meet GPA eligibility requirements (cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher). NOTE: If you are planning to return for the next major semester, then a Leave of Absence request is NOT required.
    • Submit a request for a Complete Withdrawal from the College if you do not plan to return to the College of Charleston.


These policies apply to Undergraduate Students only. Graduate students should contact the Graduate School for more information.