Parents/Guardians Information & Resources

The CAPP Office delivers a holistic approach to supporting students in their academic journey at the College of Charleston. Our staff, faculty fellows and student mentors help navigate and overcome the academic obstacles, social challenges, and address any other identified concerns. We understand the importance of parental involvement as a key piece to overall success. For more information about ways you can support your student, see below.

Consent for release of confidential educational records

In order for staff in the Center for Academic Performance and Persistence to share confidential education records (e.g., grades, status of withdrawal petition, etc.) with a parent, guardian, or other third party, the student will need to present a signed FERPA form to our office granting us consent to do so, either present the form in-person or sent via e-mail from the students CofC e-mail account. A student's written consent may be obtained by using the consent form available for download here

If the student wishes to release his or her records from more than one office (e.g., the registrar’s office and the Office of Student Affairs) then a separate form need to be sent for each each office.

For more on FERPA and the release of student educational records, please visit the Office of the Registrar.


A new way to stay involved with your student and the College of Charleston. Subscribe to the College of Charleston Parent & Family Experience. This communication platform is provided to keep parents and families informed throughout your student's time at CofC.

The Proxy Access Management Service

The CAPP Office encourages parental engagement in an effort to support student success, especially after a student has been placed on probation. The Proxy Access Management services provides students with a way to designate access to trusted users to view selected student information.

NOTE: Proxy access does not authorize College of Charleston personnel to communicate with authorized proxies. To authorize this type of communication, students must complete a FERPA Consent Form. For more information on FERPA, please visit


These policies apply to Undergraduate Students only. Graduate students should contact the Graduate School for more information.