Leave of Absence

These policies apply to Undergraduate Students only. Graduate students should contact the Graduate School for more information.

The College of Charleston offers a Leave of Absence to students who are stepping away from their educational experience for up to two major consecuative semesters. Leave of Absences are not required for summer semesters.

Students approved for a Leave of Absence will be able to re-enroll in courses for the semester following the designated Leave period without having to reapply to the College, provided the student has no registration holds or re-entry conditions outlined by the Office of the Dean of Students. 

To be eligible for Leave of Absence (LOA), you must have a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher. If a you have an Incomplete in a course, you will not be able to apply for a Leave of Absence until the final grade has been submitted and the cumulative GPA is at a 2.00 or above.

Students who are on active in the First Year Impact Program are not eligible for a Leave of Absence.

If you have a question about your eligibility for a Leave of Absence, please contact us.

Students involved with a study abroad or exchange program through the Center for International Education should ensure that their Leave is coordinated through that office.

First-time students to the College of Charleston should contact Undergraduate Admissions to discuss options for a possible deferral or gap year.



Before requesting a Leave of Absence:

  • Discuss your leave status and coursework with your academic advisor prior to leaving campus. If you plan to take courses elsewhere while on leave, you must seek official permission to do so through the Registrar's Office
  • Drop any future courses via MyPortal.
  • If you are a financial aid recipient, speak with the Financial Aid Office about the impact a Leave may have on your financial aid.*
  • Contact the Treasurer's Office to discuss any applicable refunds for the semester.

Once you submit your Leave of Absence request to CAPP: 


*Important note for financial aid recipients:

For purposes of an approved Leave of Absence under federal Title IV financial aid regulations, the student's Leave of Absence must not exceed a total 180 days, when added to all other Leaves of Absence in any 12-month period. If a student who has received federal Title IV loans (Perkins, PLUS, and Ford Federal Direct Subsidized or Unsubsidized Loans) does not return from an approved Leave of Absence, some or all of the repayment deferral period may be exhausted, and loans may go into repayment. For purposes of the Title IV programs, the date of withdrawal is backdated to the first day of the approved Leave of Absence. This policy also includes students who do not return from an approved leave for study abroad. Federal student loan recipients who are considering a Leave of Absence are encouraged to visit with a financial aid counselor prior to applying for a leave to review the impact of a leave on loan repayment.

For more information about a Leave of Absence, please see the Undergraduate Catalog.

Request a Leave of Absence

The Leave of Absence Request is submitted online through the link below. Processing times for requests are 2-3 business days except during the end of terms and beginning of term. Processing times during end/beginning of terms is 5-10 business days. Communication will be sent to your College of Charleston email once the request is reviewed.