Used by the Center for Academic Performance and Persistence.

These policies apply to Undergraduate Students only. Graduate students should contact the Graduate School for more information.

Here you will find quick links to a variety of forms used by the Center for Academic Performance and Persistence (CAPP). If you have questions about any of these forms or their related processes, please contact us.

The forms below are offered in various versions (e.g., interactive PDF, printable PDF, and, in some cases, online submission). CAPP has no preference for the version you use--please use the one that is most convenient to you. Hard copies of these forms are also available in person at the CAPP office (Lightsey Center, B-12).

Petition for Late Withdrawal After the Withdrawal Deadline

Petition Form through Maxient:

Medical Documentation Form:

Leave of Absence

Complete Withdrawal from the College

Three Year Option for Readmitted Students

Release of Confidential Educational Records

Consent for release of confidential educational records (pdf)