FAST Referrals

Faculty/Staff Assisting Students in Trouble

FAST is an online reporting tool available to faculty and staff at the College of Charleston. FAST allows faculty and staff to report concerns about students so that specialized College staff may better provide help to students who are having academic, financial, or personal problems that will keep them from succeeding at the College. FAST referrals do not violate student privacy rights. 

Please be aware that the FAST system is not an emergency hotline. For an on-campus emergency, please call Public Safety at 843.953.5611.

FAST may be used to report a variety of concerns about students, including:

  • Attendance concerns
  • General academic concerns
  • Suspected learning disabilities
  • Worrisome or disruptive classroom behavior
  • Concern about a student who appears to be overwhelmed by a financial, family, or personal situation
  • Concern about a student’s possible substance abuse, mental health, or medical condition

FAST is managed by the Center for Academic Performance and Persistence (CAPP).   CAPP works closely with the Office of the Dean of Students and the Students of Concern Committee for FAST referrals that are more serious in nature.

The CAPP Office has created informational videos about FASTS.

FAST Information for Faculty

FAST Information for Students

 Other ways to connect or assist your students:

For FAST Resources to Assist you in submitting a FAST, please visit: FAST FAQs

These policies apply to Undergraduate Students only. Graduate students should contact the Graduate School for more information.