Complete Withdrawal - Undergraduate Students

Formal departure from College of Charleston

If a student has decided to leave the College of Charleston permanently, then they are encouraged to formally withdraw from the institution through the Center for Academic Performance and Persistence office.

The CAPP Office has created a video to explain Complete Withdrawals:

 ***Incoming students should contact Undergraduate Admissions. This form is for continuing students at the College of Charleston. ***

Requesting a Complete Withdrawal From the College will not trigger course withdrawals. Please consult below:

  • Before drop/add ends: Students must drop courses online in MyPortal.
  • Between drop/add and the last day to withdraw: Students must withdraw themselves from courses online in MyPortal. Students will receive grades of a W in all courses. Email notification is sent to student when they withdrawal from a course.
  • After the last day to withdraw: Students will receive grades of F in all courses. Please consult CAPP staff for options. --Petition for Late Course Withdrawals is a separate process. Visit the Late Withdrawal pages for more information.

Before requesting a Complete Withdrawal From the College:

  • Drop or withdraw from currently enrolled courses if you do not plan on finishing the term.
  • Drop any future term courses via MyPortal
  • Contact the Treasurer's Office to discuss any applicable refunds for the semester.
  • If you are a financial aid recipient, speak with the Financial Aid Office about the Withdrawal may have on your financial aid.

Once you submit your Request for Complete Withdrawal to CAPP:


For more information about Complete Withdrawal from the College of Charleston, please see the Undergraduate Catalog.

The Information for Complete Withdrawal on this page is for Undergraduate Students.  Graduate students wishing to Withdraw from the College of Charleston need to contact the Graduate School Office.

Request a Complete Withdrawal from the College of Charleston

To be approved for a Complete Withdrawal from the College, a student cannot be dismissed for academic deficiency. In the event a student requests a Complete Withdrawal, but has been academically dismissed or not continued, the Complete Withdrawal Request will be canceled and the dismissal will stand.

A Complete Withdrawal request can be completed online through the link below. Normal processing times for requests are 2-3 business days except during end of term and beginning of terms. Processing during beginning/end of term can take up to 5-10 business days. Communication will be sent to your College of Charleston email once the request has been reviewed.