Academic Probation FAQs

I received a letter that says I am on probation. What does that mean? 
Being placed on academic probation means that your current cumulative grade point average is below the minimum required GPA. Keep in mind, if you do not raise your cumulative GPA to the required minimum of 2.0, it will not be possible to graduate. Because the College of Charleston wants to help make sure students are eligible to graduate, students will be notified that they do not meet the required academic standards of the College and subsequently be placed on academic probation. This is to encourage students to seek the help they need to get their academic career turned in the right direction.  top

The letter I received says I have to enroll in EDLS 100. Why?
EDLS 100 - Learning Strategies - is a class that is designed to help you understand why you may have had so much trouble succeeding in class, and help you develop some of the tools and skills necessary to be successful. Some of the things you will learn include how to take notes more effectively; how to study more effectively; how to better manage your time so you have enough time to study; what resources are available to help you; and how to set realistic goals and expectations for your academic success.  top

What do I have to do to get off probation?
You must raise your cumulative grade point average to the required level, depending on the number of hours you have earned. If you have earned between 1-19 credit hours, your grade point average must be at least 1.5; if you have earned between 20-59 credit hours, your grade point average must be at least 1.8; if you have earned 60 or more credit hours, your grade point average must be at least 2.0. Remember, in order to graduate, both your cumulative grade point average and your grade point average in your major must be at least 2.0.  top

How do I know what kind of grades I have to make to get off probation?
You can use the probation calculator to determine the minimum grade point you will have to earn to get off probation. Depending on your current grade point average and the number of credits you are currently taking, it may not be mathematically possible to get off probation in a single semester.  top

Is there anyone who can help me while I'm on probation?
YES! There are a number of resources on campus to help you. For example:

  • Academic Advising and Planning Center
  • Career Center
  • Center for Disability Services
  • Center for Student Learning
  • Counseling and Substance Abuse Services
  • New Student Programs
  • Center for Academic Performance and Persistence

Can I take classes somewhere else and transfer them back while I'm on probation?
You may be able to take classes at another school while you are on probation. You will need to check with the individual school. Some schools require that you be in good academic standing at your home institution before you can take classes there.  top

Will taking classes somewhere else help me get off probation?
No. When you take classes at another institution and transfer the credits back, only the credits transfer. Grades do not transfer. So the grades you might earn at another institution will not transfer back to the College of Charleston and will not be calculated in your grade point average here.  top

What happens if I don't get off probation?
At the end of a major semester or summer session, your grades will be reviewed. If you have not met your target GPA to get back to good standing, or have not met your Satisfactory Academic Progress number calculated by CAPP, you will be subject to academic dismissal regardless of the number of credit hours you have attempted and/or earned since being placed on probation. (Remember, EDLS 100 does not count as hours toward graduation, so it does not count in your GPA.) If you have been continued for a second semester of probation and do not meet your Target GPA outlined in your probation contract at the end of that semester, you will be dismissed.  top

The letter I received said that if I don't get off probation I am at risk of being dismissed. What does that mean?
If you are dismissed, you cannot enroll in any classes at the College of Charleston during your period of dismissal. Furthermore, any courses taken at another institution while on dismissal are not eligible for transfer back to the College of Charleston. The first time a student is dismissed it is for two semesters (summer is considered one semester). If a student is dismissed a second time, it is for three full calendar years.  top

These policies apply to Undergraduate Students only. Graduate students should contact the Graduate School for more information.