Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about the First Year Impact Program

Why was I designated a First Year Impact Student?

While the Center for Academic Performance and Persistence is here to support students in the Program, we do not play a role in the admissions decisions. Typically, First Year Impact admission is offered to select students who may not meet all criteria of admissions (e.g., test scores, class rank, etc.) but who show great potential to be successful at the College of Charleston. If you have questions about why you were designated a First Year Impact student, please contact the Office of Admissions 

I have questions about the terms outlined in my learning contract. Who should I speak to?

For questions about your contract or to request a copy, please contact the Center for Academic Performance and Persistence at 843-953-5674 or We also welcome walk-in visits to our office, located in Lightsey, Suite B-53. 

How does the Center for Academic Performance and Persistence track my academic progress during my first year?

The tracking of First Year Impact students’ academic progress during the first year includes a review of midterm and end of the semester grades during both fcontract semesters. If, at any point, it appears that you may be at risk for not meeting the academic standards required by the Learning Contract, you may be expected to meet with CAPP staff, enroll in a not-for-credit Learning Strategies course (EDLS 100), and/or work with staff from the Center for Student Learning to receive more intensive academic support. Click here for more information on how the Center for Academic Performance and Persistence evaluates the progress of students.

Other than the Center for Academic Performance and Persistence, what resources are available to help me be successful during my First Year?

CAPP encourages all students to visit us to check in, seek support, and receive referrals to a campus-wide network of resources and support services offered to address the various needs of First Year Impact students. You can also find more information about academic support available by visiting our Academic Resources page.

What happens if I don’t meet the expectations of the First Year Impact Program as explained in my learning contract?

If you have not met the terms of your contract at the end of your first year, you will receive a letter informing you that you will not be permitted to enroll beyond the second  semester. Students who are not offered regular enrollment after their contract year may reapply to the College of Charleston after they have completed 30 credit hours at another institution, meeting transfer admission GPA requirements. Contract students who have not been offered continued enrollment and have documented mitigating circumstances that have impacted their ability to meet the requirements of the program may consider appealing the end-of-year decision.

Will you share information on my academic progress with my parents/guardians?

In order for the Center for Academic Performance and Persistence to share information about your academic progress with parents, guardians or other designees, students must complete an “Authorization and Consent to Release Education Records” form in our office. For more information, click here.

These policies apply to Undergraduate Students only. Graduate students should contact the Graduate School for more information.