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Student Late Withdrawal Petition FAQs

How long do I have to petition for a late withdrawal from my course(s)?

The time limit for filing a petition for late withdrawal for extenuating circumstances is 2 years from the last day of classes of the semester for which the withdrawal is being sought. Petitions may be considered if a student demonstrates good cause for being unable to file a petition within the 2 year time frame.


Do I have to get the signature of each faculty member for the classes in which I am seeking a late withdrawal?

Yes. You must obtain the signature from each faculty member or your petition will not be considered complete.


What if I can’t locate my faculty member to sign the petition form?

We will accept an email from your professor stating that they are aware you are seeking a late withdrawal from their course. If emailing your professor, please identify your name, student identifiction number, why you are emailing them, what class you are/were enrolled in to include the section number, and in what semester you are/were enrolled in the class. These “signatures” can be sent to

What if my faculty member is no longer at the College or is away on sabbatical?

If your faculty member is no longer at the College of Charleston or cannot be reached, please contact the Department Chair of their respective department for their signature. This signature can be sent to

If my faculty member signs my late withdrawal petition, will it be approved?

Not necessarily. By signing your petition form, your faculty member is indicating that you have informed her/him that you are petitioning for a late withdrawal from their class. Your petition will be evaluated based on its merit either by the staff in CAPP or by the Faculty Committee on Academic Standards.


What will happen if my late withdrawal petition is approved?

If approved, you will see Ws on your record for the classes that you petitioned. If you petitioned for the full semester, and it is approved, you will see all Ws for the classes you were enrolled in that semester. Once a withdrawal has been completed, it can not be reveresed.


Does the College of Charleston have a special medical withdrawal option?

No. There is only the late withdrawal petition option that is available for all mitigating circumstances, regardless of the reason. All late withdrawal petitions that are approved will result in "W"s on the transcript for the classes requested.

Can I complete a selective petition for withdrawal (e.g., from one or some, but not all courses) for the current semester?

Yes, CAPP will consider petitions for selective courses. Please be aware that these petitions are less likely to be approved. If you plan to petition for selective withdrawal(s), your petition must include clear explanation and documentation that supports selective withdrawal.


Can I still submit a selective withdrawal petition after the semester has ended?

After the last day of classes in a given semester, selective late withdrawal petitions are considered only in the rarest and most exceptional circumstances. If you feel your circumstances are exceptional and warrant consideration, your petition must include a clear explanation and documentation that supports your request for selective withdrawal. Students should be prepared for the likely outcome of a denial and/or a suggestion to resubmit the petition listing all courses for that semester.

If I am petitioning for courses in the current semester, when does the petition need to be completed?

If you are seeking a late withdrawal from current courses, completed petitions must be submitted to the Center for Academic Performance and Persistence office no later than the last day of classes for that semester. Petitions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by staff in CAPP.


What if I am submitting a petition after the last day of classes?

After classes have ended for the semester in question, a student may still petition for a late withdrawal from courses; however, these petitions are reviewed by the Faculty Committee on Academic Standards. Petitions should be submitted to Undergraduate Academic Services, where the office will serve as a liaison between the student and Faculty Committee on Academic Standards.

Will I get to present my case to the Committee in person?

No. You will not be able to present your case in person to the Faculty Committee on Academic Standards. The petition and supporting documentation should completely explain the circumstances for which the petition is being sought.