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Faculty Late Withdrawal Petition FAQs

What is a late withdrawal petition?

A late withdrawal petition is for students who are facing significant mitigating circumstances and who have missed the withdrawal deadline. Regardless of the circumstances, late withdrawal petitions are not guaranteed to be approved.

Can a student submit a selective petition (just one or two classes) and not for the whole semester?

Yes. Students can submit selective late withdrawal petitions. This will require the student to provide a statement justifying a selective withdrawal. Selective late withdrawal petitions are less likely to be approved, but will be considered up until the last day of classes for the semester in question.  In only the rarest and most exceptional circumstances will a selective petition be approved after the semester has completed.

How long does a student have to request a late withdrawal petition from my class?

As per college policy, a student has 2 calendar years from the date of the class to petition for a grade change. The same is true for late withdrawal petitions. For example, if a student is seeking a late withdrawal from fall 2018, the student has until the last day of class of the fall 2020 semester to complete the petition. If the student has special circumstances that support a late withdrawal for courses taken more than two years ago, the student should contact CAPP before submitting the petition. 

What does the late withdrawal petition require?

Late withdrawal petitions require the student to fill out the official petition for late withdrawal form, which includes written explanation detailing their circumstances, also addressing why they were not able to withdraw from the classes by the withdrawal deadline. Documentation to support the petition must be submitted, and must verify that mitigating circumstances occurred in a timeframe appropriate to the petition. Submission of this form prompts emails to be sent to the instructors they listed to ask for acknowledgement that the student is looking to withdraw from the course after the deadline.

The CAPP Office has asked for acknowledgement for a late withdrawal petition from my class. Am I approving the late withdrawal petition?

No. As a faculty member your acknowledgment is that you are aware the student is petitioning for a late withdrawal from your class. You are also welcome to email with any additional information you feel is pertinent to the student’s petition.

Do I have to acknowledge the late withdrawal petition?

By acknowleging the petition, you are telling the Faculty Committee on Academic Standards that you are aware a student is seeking a late withdrawal petition from your class. Students are required to obtain the signatures for each course they are petitioning. Without the instructor’s signature, the petition is not considered complete. Also by signing, you are telling the Committee that you are aware that if approved, the grade will be changed to a W.

Can I require the student to tell me why they are petitioning for a late withdrawal from my class, or request to see their documentation?

Students are not required to share their reason(s) for seeking a late withdrawal petition, although some may choose to share the reason with their professor. Students are required to submit documentation to support their petition to the Late Withdrawal Petition Committee.

Who decides if late withdrawal petitions are approved or not approved?

The Late Withdrawal Petition Committee. The Committee is made up of faculty members as well as representatives from CAPP, the Dean of Students, the Counseling Center, and Student Health Services.