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Support Resources

For academic and personal success

 There are a number of offices on campus that can assist you in your academic endeavors. Take advantage of the resources available to you, and be sure to ask questions when you are unsure about anything. We want to help you in any way that we can.

Guide to Approaching your Professors for Help!   

Absence Memo

Request an absence memo for when you miss class for a legitimate, documentable reason.


Academic Advising & Planning Center

Seek assistance from your Academic Advisor.


Career Center

Find a major that is appropriate for your academic strengths and interests, explore possible career areas, and work on your resume.


Center for Disability Services

Talk with a professional if you think you have an undiagnosed disability or if you wish to pursue accommodations for an existing disability diagnosis.


Center for Student Learning

Attend study skills workshops, seek assistance in subject labs (math, foreign language, or writing), receive tutoring, or meet with a peer academic coach.


Counseling & Substance Abuse Services

Seek one-on-one professional counseling, meet with a peer counselor, or participate in a counseling group.


Financial Aid

Meet with someone about how your academic standing or decision to withdraw from classes may impact your financial aid.


Office of Victim Services

Meet with a professional counselor for guidance and support for navigating the range of issues and challenges that occur if you become a victim of a crime.


Supplemental Instruction  for BIOL 111/112/221, CHEM 111/112, PSYC 213, LATN 101, GREK 101 and PHIL 120. 

Supplemental instruction sessions give students a chance to work together with trained facilitators or Supplemental Instruction leaders to discuss course concepts, develop 

strategies for studying course material, work problems and review notes.


Tutoring by Appointment 

By Appointment tutoring is available in some classes that are not supported by walk-in labs or Supplemental Instruction.

 Request an appointment with a tutor by clicking on this hyperlinked text

These policies apply to Undergraduate Students only. Graduate students should contact the Graduate School for more information.